John Eyles
John Eyles
Professor Emeritus
General Science Building, Rm 217
(905) 525-9140 ext. 23152
(905) 546-0463

Dr. John Eyles is a Distinguished University Professor at McMaster. After receiving his PhD in Science and working in the University of London, he came to McMaster in 1988. Based in Geography and Earth Sciences, he holds appointments in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Sociology and the Centre for Health Economics and Policy analysis. His main research interests lie in environmental influences on human health and access to health care resources. He has published widely in these areas. He has served on several advisory committees at the local, provincial and national levels, primarily with the role of science in public policy. He has recently begun (again) working internationally in South Africa and India.

Health: (a) lay conceptions and definitions of health and illness, (b) comparative analysis of health care definitions and delivery, (c) resource allocation mechanisms in health and welfare policy, (d) needs-based planning, (e) social indicators and health status measurement, (f) public participation in health care decision-making, (g) environmental health.

The geography of everyday life: (a) social relations and the nature of everyday life in localities, (b) the importance of place in everyday life, (c) the relationships between everyday life and structural constraints, (d) the nature of community, (e) risk perceptions, management and assessments.

Comparative analyses of the structures of societies with respect to uses and definitions of space, environment, health care and spatio-social organization.

Social and spatial characteristics of social and environmental policy and urban planning.

Evaluation of health care systems and programs; utilization of evidence-based decision-making frameworks in health and environmental settings. Science policy: the role of science and other factors in health and environment settings.

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