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Geog 4MS3 Independent Studies:

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2016-17 Term One

Student Name Title Supervisor
Jones, Clairelise A Comparative Analysis of Natural and Human-Caused Disasters in Canada Padden
DAlavata, Querine The Implications of a Yellowstone Super-Eruption Padden
Davidsen, Barbara Wind Energy: A Potentially Significant Contribution to the Energy Supply of Ontario Padden
Baldassarra, Alexandra Water Insecurity in Canadian Indigenous Communities: Cause, Impact and Proposed Solutions Maclachlan
Liang, Lisa Health, Economic & Environmental Comparisons of Tap Water vs. Bottled Water Williams
Verbeek, Michelle Growth and Impact of Condominiums in Downtown Toronto, Ontario Harris
Donato, Edward Sustainable Public Transportation: A Westdale Planning Intervention Case-Study Mohamed
Ellis, Allie Legacy & Lies: A Critical Examination of Hosting the Olympic Games Mercier
Chen, Fang Cheng Challenges of Integration into Canadian Society: A Discussion of the Immigrant Experience Mercier

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2015-16 Term One

Student Name Title Supervisor
Agg, Jaclyn Urban Gentrification: Toronto & London Case Studies Mercier
Darling, Robbyn Canadian Harbour Restoration: Sydney (N.S.) & Hamilton (Ont.) Padden
Davidsen, Barbara Wind Energy: A Potentially Significant Contribution to the Energy Supply of Ontario Padden
Naves, Michael Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Areas of Disaster Relief and Crime Prevention Scott
Nederveen, Michael Experiential Education: Lessons for Teachers Peace
Patterson, Ashleigh Socio-Tenurial Polarization in Canada, the United States & Britain, 1970-Present: Lessons for Hamilton Harris
Robbins, Kayly The Walkable City: Case Studies of Portland, Amsterdam, and Vancouver Peace
Skrzat, Aleksandra Heritage Preservation in Hamilton: Two Current Case Studies Mercier
Vitale, Isabella Disaster Response in America: Hurricane Katrina Padden

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2015-16 Term Two

Student Name Title Supervisor
Cervania, Christine Geographies of Encounter: Reflections on Race and Facilitating Interventions Wilton
Robbins, Kayly Towards Inclusive Cities Wilton
Skrzat, Alexandra An Evaluation of Neighbourhood Revitalization in Toronto: Regent Park & Lawrence Heights Mercier
Labelle, Shannon The Stigmatization of Neighbourhoods Harris
Phoenix, Dillon The 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis: The Consequences for Neighbourhoods Newbold
Waud, Justin El Nino: Growth, Effects and Prediction Yiannakoulias
Yun, Shin Yae Tsunami: Two Waves that Shook the World Padden
Tse, Dixon Addressing the Potential of Australia Becoming a Nuclear-Powered State Padden
Dzin, Sarah Food Waste: Food That is Out of Sight and Out of Mind Padden
Staboon, Joshua Identifying Food Deserts in Hamilton: A GIS Approach Scott

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2014-15 Term One

Student Name Title Supervisor
Aiken, Alexa Consumer & Industrial Solid Waste Disposal Methods Padden
Aslin, Elizabeth From Ship to Shoreline: Environmental Policy & Initiatives On-Board American Cruise Ships Padden
DiBartolo, Larissa The Role of Multinational/Transnational Retail Giants in Globalization Mercier
Hachey, Quinn Reviewing the Opportunities for Electric Mobility in Canada Kanaroglou
Hendershott, Kaitlin Globalization of the Apparel Industry and Its Influence on the More Developed and Less Developed Worlds Mercier
Jahns, Rebecca Aerial Photography & GIS: Tributaries in the Royal Botanical Gardens DeLuca
Palladino, Joe Public School Closures as a Catalyst for Positive Redevelopment: the Prince Philip Elementary School Case-Study Mercier
Pfeffer, Wade The Social Composition of Postwar Suburbs in Canada and Britain Harris
Ratnasingam, Natalie The Impact of Globalization on Culture Mercier
Stephenson, Chloe The Environmental Implications of Intensive Animal Agriculture Padden
Wilt, Rachel Assessment of Environmentally Sustainable Building Technologies: A Comparison of McMaster University and the University of Waterloo Padden
Westererp, Ben Exploring the Relationship Between Legal Frameworks and the Prevalence of Injury Diagnoses Yiannakoulias

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2014-15 Term Two

Student Name Title Supervisor
Alick, Nadia Waste Management Project Regulation: Assessing the Assessment Maclachlan
Deen, Tariq The Causes and Effects of Deforestation in the Brazilian Rainforest: An Analysis from An Economic and Environmental Perspective Mills
Gattinger, Danielle Physical Disabilities and the Spatial Variation in Participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Wilton
Johnson, Taylor An Assessment of Social Segregation in Toronto Wilton
Malik, Iqra An Investigation into the Bustee (Slum) Improvement Committee of Calcutta (Kolkata) in the Nineteenth Century Harris
Qureshi, Amna Accessibility to Healthcare Facilities in Developing Nations Eyles
Ritsma, Patrick An Architectural Study of the McMaster University Campus Peace
Schaeffer, Ben Revitalization of Downtown Areas: A Case-Study of Sarnia Peace

Geog 4MS3 Independent Study 2013-14

Student Name Title Supervisor
Alamgir, Nosheen My Life in the City: The Urban Experience of People With Intellectual Disabilities Wilton
Andrews, Devonne Hamilton Ontario’s Best Kept Secret: A Journey Through Hamilton’s North End Peace
Eaton, Kirsten Conflict & Change: The Historic Preservation of Port Dalhousie, Ontario Peace
Gee, Maggie The Effects of Living in Social Housing on Childhood Development and the Benefits of Recreation Wilton
Harding, Nicole The Consequences of Suburbanization: From Health and the Environment to Social Exclusion Harris
Jackson, Eliza Brownfield Development in Hamilton Peace
MacFarlane, Robert Legal Aspects of Housing Tenure Harris
Orford, Nancy Heritage Preservation Policies: A Canadian and British Comparison Peace
Paccanaro, Sandra Hierarchies of Waste Management: Wikipedia Padden
Penney, Katelyn A Spatial Analytical Assessment of Deficiencies of Public Transportation Services in Hamilton, Ontario Páez
Rapacz, Catharine Teaching the Teachers: A Local & Global Approach to Assessing the Changing Demand for Teachers College Programs Peace
Schmidt, Kris The Environmental Impacts of Mining Uranium Padden
Theriault, Samantha Gentrification and the Displacement of Low‐Income Populations: Case Study of the Durand, Hamilton Peace
Thomson, Holly Sustainable Landscapes on McMaster University’s Campus Peace

Geog 4MT6 Senior Thesis:

Geog 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2016-17

Student Name Title Supervisor
Stuart Collins Is my neighbourhood different than yours? A comparison of Built Environment characteristics between perceived and administrative-boundary levels of geography. Darren Scott
Emily Power Tracking Residential Relocation in the Context of Neighbourhood Change: The Effects of Displacement on Low-Income Renters in Hamilton, Ontario. Richard Harris

Geog 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2015-16

Student Name Title Supervisor
 Sarah Christensen  Utilizing Google Street View to Track Gentrification in the Beasley Neighbourhood, Hamilton, and The Mission District, San Francisco.  Richard Harris
 Geoff Rose  The Rise of Residential Condominiums in Hamilton, Ontario 1990 – 2015.  Richard Harris
 Joseph Palladino  Responding to elementary school closures: A case study comparative of Hamilton, Ontario’s ward 4 & 14. Rob Wilton
Ashleigh Patterson “It’s definitely not enough”: A Qualitative Study of the Personal Needs Allowance. Rob Wilton

Geog 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2014-15

Student Name Title Supervisor
Alamgir, Nosheen Understanding the Urban Geography of People with Intellectual Disabilities. Wilton
Allison, Craig Creating a Map of Terrain Regions for Italy using Digital Elevation Models. DeLuca
Ciuro, Celenna Does Neighbourhood Perception Have an Impact on Active-Transport Walking Behaviour in Hamilton, Ontario? Scott
Coric, Ognjen A Saviour of Grand Proportions: The GTA’s Incentive to Play Host to a Grand Spectacle. Peace
Dowell, Kimberly Understanding the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System’s Impact on Sustainable Development and Image in Hamilton, Ontario. Peace
Penney, Katelyn How Does Park Quality Impact Body Mass Index of the Local Community. Páez
Vukelic, Megan

Exploring Gentrification and its Symptons in jamesville, Hamilton.

Westerterp, Ben Perceptions of Heracleum mantegazzianum Management in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario. Padden

Geog 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2013-14

Student Name Title Supervisor
Ayalew, Michael The Changing Conception of 'Neighbourhood' by Canadian Planners, 1960 to 2010 Harris
De Meneghi, Julian From Steel Town to Real Town! An Analysis of the Urban Elements Vital to Downtown Hamilton's Revitalization Peace
Durigon, Daniel From the Sidewalk to the Rooftop: The Gentrification of Hamilton through Aesthetics Peace
Eaton, Kirsten A Longitudinal Exploration of the Decision-Making Process of Choosing an Undergraduate Program: A Case Study of First Year Students at McMaster University and Geography (2011-2013) Mercier
Harrison, Carly Red Light: Hamilton's Road Network Configuration- A Focus on Main St. and King St. Scott
Waud, Ian Assessing Aviation Induced Contrails over Hamilton, Ontario Padden

Earth Sc 4MT6 Senior Thesis:

Earth Sc 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2016-17

Student Name Title Supervisor
 Jacqueline Peters Determining Critical Feeding Frequency for Freshwater Unicellular Green Algae, Haematococcus, to Achieve Resonance. Jurek Kolasa
 Kevin Yang Microbial Abundances and Carbon Sources in the Tailings of an Oil Sands End Pit Lake. Greg Slater
 Erin Gibbons Microbial Colonization of Arid Basalts: Implications for Astrobiology and Mars Exploration. Greg Slater
Kayla Wong Analysis of Soil Respiration in Dispersed VRH Treatments. Altaf Arain
Natalie Armstrong Analysis of Soil Respiration in a Deciduous Forest. Altaf Arain
Nicole Sandler Analysis of Soil Respiration in Aggregated VRH Treatments. Altaf Arain
Stefan Sauer Nonlinear Modelling of Q10 in a Temperate Conifer Forest in Southern Ontario. Altaf Arain
Matthew Brown Temporal Assessment of Critical Road Links in Hamilton, Ontario. Darren Scott
Jonathan Darlington The Impacts of Climate Change on Maritime Piracy. Niko Yiannakoulias
Michele Tsang Detecting Land Cover Change in the Badlands of Basilicata, Italy. Pat Deluca
Sean Leipe Evaluating badland susceptibility in Basilicata, Italy through the integration of GIS and multicriteria decision analysis. Pat Deluca
Yorgin Pitt Spatial Statistical Analysis of Italy's Low Fertility. Pat Deluca
David Zilkey Magnetic and gravity modelling of the Holleford impact crater. Joe Boyce
Kristin Dosen Mud Distribution in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: A Thin Bedded Facies Analysis of the Upper Mancos Shale, Mancos A, New Mexico. Janok Bhattacharya
Curtis Ferron Facies Architecture of an Ancient Distributary Channel, Cretaceous Gallup Sandstone, New Mexico. Janok Bhattacharya
Madison MacAndrew Analysis of Sedimentological and Depositional Processes in the Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale. Janok Bhattacharya
Josee Menard Sedimentary Provenance of the Matinenda and Ramsay Lake Formations in Drury Township using Laser Ablation Detrital Zircon Analysis. Alan Dickin
Jiaqun Hui Core Sample Analysis for Middle McMuarry Formation. John Maclachlan

Earth Sc 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2015-16

Student Name Title Supervisor
Subul Khalid Impact of afforestation on soil chemical and physical properties of southern Ontario forests, with a comparison to a naturally regenerated stand. Altaf Arain
Sara Fisher “Exploring Sub-Annual and Multi-Decadal Climate Controls on Growth in a Natural Forest in Southern Ontario” Altaf Arain
Iwona Widurska Geochemical record of post-colonial (ca. 1850) contaminated sediment accumulation in Frenchman’s Bay, Lake Ontario. Joe Boyce
Anya Krywy-Janzen Holocene Paleoenvironment Reconstruction Utilizing Thecamoebians and Trace Elements in Pac Chen Lake, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Ed Reinhardt
Natasha Cyples Facies Architecture of Shallow Marine Deltaic Sediments and Associated Channels in a Storm-Dominated Environment, Turonian Ferron Sandstone, Utah. Janok Bhattacharya
Matthew Leung Thin-bedded facies analysis of fine-grained parasequences: Cenomanian-Turonian Tununk Shale Member, Henry Mountain Region, Utah. Janok Bhattacharya
Monica Wiercigroch High-frequency stratigraphic cyclicity analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Juana Lopez Member of the Mancos Shale, New Mexico. Janok Bhattacharya
Zach Waller “Thin bed architecture of cretaceous gallup prodelta shales, New Mexico.” Janok Bhattacharya
Natalie Plociennik Simulating the Thermal Behaviour of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Hibernacula. Mike Waddington
Morgan Wong Investigating the Effects of Climate Variability on Soil Moisture Regimes of Reclaimed Oil Sands Landscapes Sean Carey
Arthur Szybalski Assessing the spatial variation in soil physical properties for the Sandhill Fen Watershed, Fort McMurray, Alberta. Sean Carey
Renee Lemmond A spatial analysis of stream solute inputs and associated biophysical characteristics of a headwater stream in the Wolf Creek Research Basin, YT. Sean Carey
Annika Van Kessel Defining a Tectonic window in the Grenville Province, Huntsville, Ontario. Alan Dickin
Kristina Mlakar Oxygen Isotope Fractionation Between Calcium Carbonate and Water at Low Temperatures. Sang-Tae Kim
Karl Chastko Developing a Novel Field Based Technique to Quantify the Total Concentration of Sulfur Oxidation Intermediates for Use in Natural and Applied Systems. Lesley Warren
Spencer Elford Microbial Sulfur Cycling in Non-AMD Base Metal Mine Systems. Lesley Warren
Sarah Rudderham Assessing microbial sulfur cycling in a sulfur-rich natural system and an oil sands end pit lake. Lesley Warren
Jenny Ni Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Deposition Trends in Semiwite and Big McDougal Lake, Central Ontario. Greg Slater

Earth Sc 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2014-15

Student Name Title Supervisor
Bonn, Heather The Influence of Surface Mining on the Hydrometric Response of an Alpine Basin in Elk Valley, British Columbia. Carey
Canas, Daniel. Nd Isotope study of Tectonic Windows in the Mesoproterozoic Allochtonous Belt in the Grenville Province of western Quebec. Dickin
Chan, Winnie May. Reconstructing The Potable Groundwater System In Yax Chen Cave, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Using Foraminifera And Thecamoebian (testate Amoebae) As Indicators. Reinhardt
Colby, Graham. Variations in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) atmospheric deposition in northern and central Ontario. Slater
Genovese, Cristina. Thin Bed and Sandstone Dike Architecture of Cretaceous Ferron Prodelta Shales, Utah. Bhattacharya
Hamdan, Atef. Facies analysis of Glacio-lacustrine Hyperpycnites of Southern Ontario. Bhattacharya
Irvine, Sarah. The Effect of Black Spruce on Peatland Burn Severity. Waddington
Jazwiec, Alicja. Infiltration of Ethanol into the Vadose Zone. Smith
Jung-Ritchie, Logan.  Investigating Sand Intraclasts as Evidence of Sub-glacial Deformation in Exposed Cliffs at Mohawk Bay, Ontario. Maclachlan
Koh-Hatcher, Julia. Lake bottom ferrous target detection and sediment mapping using a tri-axial gradiometer system (Hamilton Harbour, Canada). Boyce
McNeill, Chelsi. Atmospheric Teleconnection Intensity Correlated with Alaska and Yukon Snow Water Equivalent. Carey
Mussells, Charlotte. Using stable isotopes to evaluate the influence of surface mining on runoff sources and transit times. Carey
Pillay, Logesh. Nd Isotope Mapping Of The Allochthon Boundary Thrust On The West Side Of The Cabonga Nappe In The Grenville Province Of Quebec. Dickin
Pringle, Tynan. Paleoshoreline reconstruction of Princess Point, in the Cootes Paradise wetland (Hamilton, Ontario) using the camoebian (testate amoebae) indicators. Reinhardt
Smolarz, Alanna.  Hydraulic characteristics of pioneer mosses on rock barrens: Implications for endangered reptile habitat resilience. Waddington
Strong, Jacob. Extent of juvenile crust and boundaries of a new rifted block in the Central Metasedimentary Belt, SW Grenville Province: Sm-Nd Evidence. Dickin
Usyk, Alexandra. Delimiting the Peterborough Drumlin Field; a supervised approach to regional mapping. Maclachlan
Waltham, Brenda. Holocene thecamoebians from Lake Pac Chen, Mexico: a paleoenvironmental interpretation. Reinhardt
Windeler, Ben. Extreme Weather Events and Terrestrial Ecosystem Models. Arain
Zuber, Corina. Spatial distribution of saturated hydraulic conductivity within a bog: Implications for wildfire. Waddington

Earth Sc 4MT6 Senior Thesis 2013-14

Student Name Title Supervisor
Arcuri, Gabriel Nd Isotope Mapping of Crustal Terranes in the St. Anne du Lac Region of Southwestern Quebec: Evidence of Juvenile Crustal Signatures North of the Marble Doma Dickin
Blomfield, Douglas Mapping the Allochthon Boundary Thrust on the NW side of the Cabonga Terrane, Grenville Province of Quebec, using Nd Isotopes Dickin
Burns, Brandon Major Environmental Controls Governing the Growth of a 12-year Old Temperate Pine Plantation Forest in Southern Ontario Arain
Cilia, Carlos Quantifying Partitioning of Sulfur Fractions in Freshwater Systems Using the Total Dissolved Sulfur Method Warren
Coles, Mallory Investigation of Holocene Sea Level Rise and Cave Accessibility in Quintana Roo, Mexico Reinhardt
Goad, Corey Identification and Quantification of PLFA Profile changes Within the Ells and Steepbank River Systems, Northern Alberta, Canada Slater
Hickson, Dylan 3-D Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Survey of a White Pine (Pinus Strobus) Root System: Comparison of Grid-Based Versus Radial Survey Methods Boyce
Hunter, Rachel Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition in Porewaters of a Constructed Fen Peatland in the Athabasca Oil Sand Region, Alberta, Canada Carey
Ie, Kesha Synthesis of Carbonate-Bearing Hydroxyapatite for Stable Isotope Studies Kim
Irvine, Cameron Hydrophobicity of a Mined and Burned Peatland Waddington
Kimmerle, Stephanie Nd Isotope mapping near Manicougan, Grenville Province of Quebec Dickin
Krivulina, Yekaterina Late Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evolution of Cenote Jennifer, Cuba Reinhardt
Kynaston, David Facies Architecture of a Tital Influenced Channel in Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone, Central Utah Bhattacharya
Lee, Jung Comparison of Sapflow at Two Temperate Forest Sites and its Relationship with Meteorological Variables Arain
MacDougall, Hillary Peat Burn Severity in a Drained and Mined Peatland Waddington
Mushet, Graham Determining the influence of paleo water tables on speleothem formation, Ich Balam, Mexico Reinhardt
Overbeeke, Gavin Dynamics of Organic Carbon Compounds Within Remediated Oil Sands as a Potential Carbon Source for SRB Slater
Randazzo, Nicolas Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Effects in Synthesized Calcite Rafts at 25 degrees C Kim
Rastelli, Jessica The Influence of Surface Mining on Hydrochemical Patterns in the Influence of Surface Mining on Hydrochemical Patterns in Albine Catchments, Elk Valley, British Columbia Carey
Spennato, Haley Analyzing Hydraulic Properties of Organic Sil from the Sandhill Fen Reclamation Project, Fort McMurray, Alberta Carey
Szmudroska, Bernadeta Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Stable Isotopes Elk Valley, British Columbia Carey
Wisborg, Mark The investigation of rift zone boundaries and a hidden pre-Grenvillian block within the juvenile crust of the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Province. Dickin
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