Graduate Student Career Services

Following program completion, many graduate students will seek out employment opportunities. Not every graduate student will be aware of the same opportunities or how best to utilize their skills towards a future employment goal. To better support graduate students, the Faculty of Science Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) office is partnering with Science Career and Cooperative Education (SCCE) to facilitate a seamless transition from postgraduate education to career success.

Science Graduate Career Services intend to support students by connecting them with alumni, engaging faculty as champions providing quality direct advice, career workshops, resources, opportunities for micro-credentials, and experiential learning. This unique approach aims to bring together students, faculty members, alumni, and the broader community. Students will also be given the opportunity to guide their own learning by identifying personal goals and career paths that best suit their skills, abilities, and values.

Currently, Science Graduate Career Services has commenced with the launch of a pilot program set to grow over the next three years. Continuous feedback will be collected and used to improve the program along with a collaborative approach that builds community.

For further information, please contact Michael Adebo, Graduate Mentorship and Career Coordinator at

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