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We are excited to announce the upcoming ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IEI modules that will be offered during the 2017/18 academic year:

Fall Term

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: Grant Writing (C01)

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: Electronics for the Rest of Us! Part I (C02)

Winter Term

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: 3D Printing for the Rest of Us! (C01)

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: Kentucky Caving Fieldtrip (C02)*(Please note that this module requires proof of valid passport and a $150 deposit at the time of application submission.)

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: Egyptian Hieroglyphs (C03)

·ARTSSCI/ISCI 3IE1: The Forge @ Mac: Student Entrepreneurship Explorations (C04)

Please visit theInterdisciplinary Experiences page on the Artsci website for more information about the modules. Please ensure to read all course descriptions carefully as some modules will have additional course fees (all modules are subject to regular tuition fees), application requirements and prerequisites. Additional fees can be paid by cheque, payable to McMaster University, or by cash.

I have attached the application form for all modules to this email and it is also posted on the School of Interdisciplinary Sciences page. You must submit a new application for each 3IE1 module that you would like to participate in. Ensure to sign and initial your application form prior to submitting it. All module applications for Fall and Winter, including additional fees where applicable, are due directly to me in LRW-3038 by8 September 2017 at 1:00pm.

Application Form

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