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Congratulations to Mike Gill who has been selected from over 1700 applicants to be a Venture for Canada Fellow. Mike is one of only 50 individuals selected for the program. The Program takes "top Canadian graduates and connects them with fast growing Canadian start ups." The goal of the program is to prepare these students to becomes leaders in this space across Canada.

Applicants are vetted through a four-step process including a written application, video interview, phone interview, and in-person Fellow Selection Day. The Fellow Selection Day includes over ten hours of group and individual interviews.

The program itself involves 5 weeks of intensive training, followed by a two year placement with a partner start up.

Last week, the 35th annual Student Recognition Night celebrated the magnificent achievements of some of McMaster's best and brightest undergraduate students.

The March 19 event at Liuna Station recognized the hard work and dedication of all those nominated, including their efforts to improve the lives of fellow students and various communities both on and off campus.

The MSU Merit Scholarship Award recognizes outstanding and valuable service to university, student or residence governments, departments, clubs, societies, charities or athletics. This year's winners are Michael Gill and Dana Swarbrick.

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Hannah Dies (iSci 2014) has been awarded a prestigious Vanier Scholarship to support her MD/PhD studies at Queen's University. Hannah’s application, "Integrated optical and plasmonic microfluidic sensing devices as portable sensors for biological applications" was ranked 3rd in the country. The Vanier Scholarship program aims to support world-class doctoral students who demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement. Well done Hannah – we’re so proud of you.

alex kasper nserc picThis year Alexandra Kasper won an NSERC USRA to work in the McMaster Physics and Astronomy Department as a summer research student. Alex has just finished her third year in iSci, and this award has given her the opportunity to work in the area of her concentration: biophysics. This summer she is working with Dr. Kari Dalnoki-Veress on a project studying the swimming of the nematode C. elegans. Her research will focus on studying the swimming of C. elegans near liquid-air interfaces. Other researchers have studied different animals which move at these interfaces, such as water striders. Studying the motion of these organisms requires an understanding of the different surface forces present in the system. The picture shows the experimental set-up, in which a glass pipette is suctioned to the tail of a nematode, and its swimming is observed through a microscope.

Alex will also be continuing this work as her 4th year iSci thesis. She plans on pursuing physics in graduate school and hopes her experiences this summer and throughout her thesis will allow her to determine whether she would like to continue to work on experimental biophysics. 

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