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The 2017/2018 Supplementary Application is now closed

Tackling the global challenges of climate change, pandemics, and new energy sources requires research in more than a single field of science. Modern scientists must have a more multi-disciplinary foundation, and be encouraged to ask creative, critical, interdisciplinary questions, while possessing a wide range of communication tools to provide answers. The Honours B.Sc. Integrated Science (iSci) Program at McMaster University has been designed for this explicit purpose. 

iSci puts into practice innovative concepts linking science education and leading research topics, demonstrating a holistic view of science through the interaction of various science disciplines. In addition to learning broad fundamentals, iSci also provides students the opportunity to specialize in a selected discipline including chemistry, chemical biology, biology, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, medical physics, earth science and environmental science, geography and environmental science, and psychology, neuroscience and behaviour; allowing students the opportunity to contribute to a specilaist field with a wide range of knowledge. 

Enrolling a maximum of 64 students each year, iSci opens many doors for the future, including medical school, law school, graduate programs such as an M.Sc. and Ph.D., research, and innovative industry careers. The iSci program will prepare students for post-graduate work through the application of inquiry and problem-based learning within the classroom, the provision of many practical laboratory and field experiences, and the development of essential scientific communication skills.

For more detailed information on program structure, content and admission requirements, please explore the links below. Also, check out the Registered Students page to find out more about assessment and the Student Experience page for a look at the program from the student perspective.

Program Structure

For more information on the structure of the four year Integrated Science degree.

A Typical Week

This will give you an idea of what a first year iSci student's schedule looks like.

Admissions Requirements

All the things you need to know about qualifying for the program.

Supplementary Application Now Closed

2017/2018 Application found in link above under red heading Apply to iSci

Post Graduate Opportunities

Options for Graduates of the iSci program.


A list of interesting links about science and science education.

Contact iSci

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