Post Graduate Opportunities

Graduates of iSci are broadly educated research scientists capable of contributing to all modern fields of science, with both specialist knowledge in their chosen field and the background to understand science in its broader context. The program ensures that graduates have a strong foundation in science, in addition to an understanding of the wide range of applications (and limitations) of scientific approaches and concepts. iSci students are involved in research activities throughout the program and become proficent in critical and analytical thinking, as well as written, verbal, and visual communication - transferable skills that will allow graduates to follow a number of career paths. 

Currently, a large majority of iSci Alumni have pursued research, professional programs (e.g. medical or law school), and employment in leading research laboratories - all within our first graduating cohort. iSci is a groundbreaking program, and as more classes graduate we will continue to see our Alumni succeed in their respective fields. 

Professional School

The iSci program is designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of fundamental scientific concepts, approaches and skills, to learn about the interactions between scientific disciplines, and to understand the role of interdisciplinary science in the search for solutions to societal challenges.  These are excellent skills for any professional school, and coupled with the emphasis placed on scientific communicaton in the program students will be well prepared for interviews and standardized testing. 

The Science Career & Cooperative Education office in McMaster's Faculty of Science is a great resource for professional schools and post-graduate information. Visit the SCCE website for a number of great resources and information. Here are a few of the most common areas of interest to students:

  1. Science Career & Cooperative Education Office, Faculty of Science
  2. Researching Professional Programs (Medical School, Teachers College, Chiropractic College and others)

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