Career & Volunteer Opportunities

Careers and VolunteerIn the 21st century, the most successful researchers are very likely to be those who can connect and synthesize ideas from widely different disciplines as well as those who can think deeply within the traditional disciplines.

The iSci program opens doors to a wide range of future options. This program will prepare students for post-graduate work through the application of research-based learning within the classroom, the provision of many practical laboratory and field experiences, and the development of scienctific communication skills.

A few post graduate options include:

  • Graduate programs such as an M.Sc. and Ph.D.
  • Innovative industry careers
  • Medical school
  • Law school
  • Research and development
  • Teacher's College
  • Consulting

Find out more about these career opportunities in this section's subpages. You can also find interesting and exciting volunteer opportunities available to students in the iSci program.

As a McMaster Science student you have a career centre, Science Career & Cooperation Education that is specifically designed to meet your needs. Learn how SCCE can help make your search for co-op, summer, volunteer and full-time work as easy and successful as possible. SCCE also provides guidance in your decision process and planning for graduate or professional school. SCCE's goal is to help you prepare for and ensure your future success upon graduation. Review the SCCE website or send an email to .

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