Level I

In a traditional level one science course, students take five courses each term; a separate course for Calculus, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as well as an elective. Level one iSci consists of one course that is the equivalent of eight first year courses, iSci 1A24, that integrates all of the traditional first year science content as well as some Earth Science and a Scientific Literacy component. 


iSci course content is organized around project topics like Planetary Exploration. Each project challenges students with hands-on research problems, supported by interactive concept seminars (iConS), labs and field trips. As the program progresses, research content increases and teaching support adapts to balance curriculum requirements with student inquiry.


  • Term 1A - Foundation Concepts
  • Term 1A - Research Project 1 Planetary Exploration
  • Term 1B - Research Project 2 Drugs, Doses & Biodistribution
  • Term 2A - Research Project 3 Sustainable Energy in Challenging Environments 
  • Term 2B - Research Project 4 Cancer: a modern plague


Contact iSci

H.G. Thode Library, 306
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West Hamilton ON L8N 3Z5