Level III

The level III ISCI course (ISCI 3A12) is equivalent to 4 half-year courses. The course content is organized into four group research projects and one independent research project. All projects continue to be made up of integrated concept seminars (iConS), labs and field trips. In addition, all research projects incorporate invited speaker seminars as a core element to expose students to world-class research and thought leaders.

The level of independence and student-driven content in these research projects continues to grow from level II to level III. Students select their research topics within each research project and choose the research questions that are explored.

Each research project culminates in a different deliverable, further developing students’ experience of communicating science. For example, in the Wine Science project students create an online magazine about their research topic. In the Light, the Universe & Everything project students lead seminars about their project topic. In the Climate Change project students produce podcasts that will be posted online for others to view.


  • Wine Science/Forensic Investigation 
  • Light, the Universe & Everything
  • Climate Change
  • Independent Project

In third year students will continue to take courses outside iSci that can be used towards a concentration or minor.

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