Registered Students

Registered StudentsIt is expected that iSci graduates will more fully appreciate the type and range of scientific information and analyses required to solve complex problems. They will have a broad understanding of science along with specialist knowledge in their chosen field. They will also have well-developed scientific and life-long learning skills and will know how to ask questions, how to acquire, critically evaluate and analyze data, and how to communicate their research findings to others. These students will be ideally prepared to be future scientific leaders.

For more information on assessment, concentrations as well as iSci course descriptions, explore some of the links below:

Honours Integrated Science Program

Summer Top-Up Material

Top-up material available for biology, chemistry and physics on the Subject Areas Menu on the left side of this page.

iSci Courses

Descriptions of all the courses as well as links to course outlines.

Course Equivalences

The courses for which iSci is considered appropriate substitutes.


Information on concentration options in Level II.


An outline of assessment structure for iSci 1A24.

Policies and Procedures

Including final exam reviewing and academic integrity policies

Course Timetable

The ISCI 1A24, 2A18 & 3A12 timetables for 2017/18.


Interdisciplinary Experiences Courses

Interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities available as 1, 2 and 3-unit offerings

International Exchange Program

Available to Level III iSci students - spend a term or entire year at the University of Leicester.

Post Grad Prep

Some examples of what options are available to you upon completion of the iSci Program.

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