Experiential Courses

ISCI 3IE Courses

ISCI/ARTS&SCI 3IE1, 3IE2, or 3IE3: Interdisciplinary Experiences

Interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities selected from an assortment of modules. Content and schedules vary annually. Details may be found on the Integrated Science and Arts & Science websites or by contacting the Interdisciplinary Experiences Course Coordinator.

Prerequisite(s): Registration in Level II or above of Honours Integrated Science or Honours Arts & Science program; and permission of the Course Administrator. Some modules may have additional prerequisites.

In addition to the McMaster tuition fee, some modules may require an additional fee to cover costs of travel, accommodation and/or supplies.

ISCI/ARTS&SCI 3IE1, 3IE2, 3IE3 may be repeated, if on a different topic.

Enrolment is limited.

The Integrated Science Program and Arts & Science Program have teamed up to offer new Interdisciplinary Experiences courses to their students. In his ‘Forward With Integrity’ letter to the McMaster community, President Patrick Deane encourages the integration of experiential learning, self-directed learning and interdisciplinarity into our undergraduate programs. The recent position paper generated by the Student Experience Task Force also recommends enhancement of ‘flexibility in structure, delivery and availability of courses’. In response to these recommendations iSci and Arts & Science are offering a suite of new interdisciplinary experiential learning course that may be offered in 1-, 2- or 3-unit modules and can be taken by a student at any stage beyond Level I. Each module will involve experiential learning or application of scientific, social science or humanities topics in a field, community, classroom or laboratory setting. Students may take more than one module offered under this course code as long as the topics are different.

Module descriptions will be posted as they are offered.

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