Guest Speakers

Marvin Gunderman (Tuesday, March 28th)

Dr. Gerry Wright (Thursday, March 30th)

Alex Cridland is a PhD candidate in McMaster University’s Department of Physics & Astronomy, as well as a teaching assistant for the physics component of the level I Integrated Science course, among other courses. Under the supervision of Dr. Ralph Pudritz, Alex Cridland studies the chemistries of protoplanetary discs and exoplanet atmospheres using analytical computer simulations. By merging planetary formation theory and astrochemistry, his research aims to clarify how the chemical diversity of exoplanetary atmospheres develop and evolve. These simulations thus have applications in furthering our knowledge in the processes that formed the atmospheres found in our Solar System and potentially others, as well as in our understanding of how the compounds important to the origins of life may have originated.

Dr. Laura Lockau (Monday, April 3rd)

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