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Baraa Al-Khazraji
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Assistant Professor
Dr. Al-Khazraji's laboratory focuses on exploring blood flow control and vascular physiology in peripheral and cerebral blood vessels. Research interests include: 1) investigating how blood flow is controlled at rest and during cardiovascular challenges such as dynamic exercise, 2) understanding vascular health in a range of populations including healthy young individuals to those either at-risk of a vascular-related incident or from a clinical population, 3) how exercise training impacts vascular health, and 4) how to expand utility of current vascular imaging tools
Hemodynamics; Peripheral and Cerebral Vascular Health; Exercise Physiology; Multi-modality Imaging


Course Code
  Course Name
KIN 4B03   Cardiovascular Disease: Pathophysiology & Rehabilitation

Degree Specialty University Year Completed
PhD Medical Biophysics Western University 2015
Postdoctoral Training Kinesiology Western University 2019
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