William Bostad
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Teaching Assistant

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KINESIOL 3B03   Physical Activity for Challenged Populations
KINESIOL 3BB3   Exploring Movement and Posture
KINESIOL 3L03   Exercise Testing and Prescription
KINESIOL 4CO3   Integrative Physiology of Human Performance

Bostad, W., Ricketts, T.A., Stotz, P.J., and Ross, R. (2017) Cardiovascular disease risk in obese adults assessed using established values for cardiorespiratory fitness. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 42: 93-95 (PMID: 28009533).

Gibala, M., Bostad, W., and McCarthy, D. (2019) Physiological adaptations to interval training to promote endurance. Current Opinion in Physiology. 10: 180-184

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