Giulia Coletta
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Teaching Assistant

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KINESIOL 1K03   Foundations in Kinesiology
KINESIOL 2C03   Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology
KINESIOL 2CC3   Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Exercise Physiology
KINESIOL 3B03   Adapted Physical Activityy
KINESIOL 4S03   Physical Activity in Chronic Health Impairments

Kamran R, Coletta G, Pritchard JM. (2020). Original Research: Can Undergraduate Students Help Change Older Adults’ Confidence for Making Nutrition-Related Decisions in a 45-Minute Nutrition Workshop?. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research. 82(3): 136-139.

Neil-Sztramko SE, Coletta G, Dobbins M, Marr S. (2020). Impact of the AGE-ON Tablet Training Program on Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Attitudes Toward Technology in Older Adults: Single-Group Pre-Post Study. JMIR Aging. 3(1): e18398.

Coletta G, Kamran R, Khan A, Dej K, Pritchard JM. (2019). Enhancing Undergraduate Student Self efficacy and Learning with a Community Service learning (CSL) Nutrition Workshop Assignment. Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching. 12: 61-70.

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