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Krista Madsen
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Assistant Professor
Ivor Wynne Centre, Room 215
905 525 9140 ext. 27946
My teaching responsibilities lie in the areas of musculoskeletal anatomy and rehabilitation. I have worked for a number of years at the Levy Memorial Sports Medicine Clinic, and have been a medical team member for a number of national and international sporting events. My goal is to bring theory to practice, and help students develop practical skills that may be used in a clinical or field setting. I believe that anatomy is more than just pictures in a book. The courses I teach focus on understanding how human anatomy works, and the problem solving processes that may help to uncover why it fails (from a clinical and biomechanical perspective). Each of the classes I teach have a required practical class component where students learn to analyze movement and evaluate function, and begin to provide practical solutions. Students are exposed to current research and topics of controversy as they pertain to the field of rehabilitation.

From a research perspective, I am particularly interested in the ability of the human body to maintain balance in static and dynamic conditions. I am fascinated by the integration of proprioceptive, visual, and vestibular information, and how these systems may be affected in clinical populations. I am currently focused on the proprioceptive role of the muscles of the neck, and the neurophysiology of fatigue. I plan to continue to integrate my clinical background into future research projects that are focused upon these domains.
Sport Biomechanics; Concussion, Gait Analysis; Musculoskeletal Exercise Prescription; Teaching and Learning Strategies; Leadership; Communication; The Culture of Learning


Course Code
  Course Name
KINESIOL 2A03   Biomechanics
KINESIOL 2E03   Muscoloskeletal Anatomy
KINESIOL 3BB3   Exploring Movement and Posture
KINESIOL 3K03   Sports Injuries
KINESIOL 4J03   Functional Anatomy
KINESIOL 4KK3   Fundamentals of Rehabilitation

Ontario Biomechanics Conference, Cervical Muscle Fatigue and its Effects on Locomotion and Negotiation of Environment, February 2005.

OATA Educational Symposium Guest Speaker, Integrating the Senses: Cervical Spine Rehabilitation, March 2004.

Degree Speciality University Year
MSc Biomechanics University of Guelph 2009
BSc (HK) Human Kinetics University of Guelph 1994
CAT(C) Athletic Therapy 1999
Dip. SIM 1999
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