Michelle (Yixue) Mei
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KINESIOL 3B03   Adapted Physical Activity
KINESIOL 4B03   Cardiovascular Disease: Pathophysiology and Rehabilitation

YQ Wang, Y Mei, Y Song, C Bachus, CX Sun, H Sheshbaradaran, and M Glogauer. (2020). AP-002: A Novel Inhibitor of Osteoclast Differentiation and Function without Disruption of Osteogenesis. European Journal of Pharmacology.

YQ Wang, M Galli, AS Silver, W Lee, Y Song, Y Mei, C Bachus, M Glogauer, and CA McCulloch. (2018). IL1β and TNFα Promote RANKL-Dependent Adseverin Expression and Osteoclastogenesis. Journal of Cell Science.

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