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Gianni Parise
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Professor. Chair
Ivor Wynne Centre, Room 210
905 525 9140 ext. 23592
Generally, my interests involve understanding the mechanisms of skeletal muscle adaptation and repair to exercise and injury. We focus primarily on skeletal muscle progenitor cells and their role in remodelling of tissue. Additionally, we focus on how muscle progenitor cells fails in aging and examine strategies to rejuvenate the muscle progenitor response to injury and exercise in older adults.
Skeletal muscle; Aging; Exercise; Muscle stem cells; Bone marrow stem cells; Satellite cells; Nutrition

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Parise G., O’Reilly CE., and MA Rudnicki. Molecular regulation of myogenic progenitor populations. Appl. Physiol. Nutr. Metab. In press. 2006.

McInnell, I., Parise, G., and MA Rudnicki. Origin, specification and regenerative potential of adult muscle stem cells. Current Trends in Developmental Biology. 2005.

Parise, G., Phillips SM., Kaczor, JJ., and MA Tarnopsolsky. Antioxidant enzyme activity is up-regulated following unilateral resistance-exercise training in older adults. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. In Review. 2005.

Parise G., Kaczor, JJ., Mahoney, DJ., Phillips, SM., and MA Tarnopolsky. Oxidative stress and the mitochondrial theory of aging in human skeletal muscle. Experimental Gerontology.39(9). 1391-400. 2004.

Parise, G., Brose, AN., and MA Tarnopolsky. Resistance exercise-training decreases oxidative damage to DNA and increases cytochrome oxidase activity in older adults. Experimental Gerontology. In Press. 2004.

Degree Speciality University Year
PhD Aging Skeletal Muscle McMaster University 2003
MSc Creatine and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism McMaster University 1999
BA Exercise Physiology McMaster University 1997
Degree Name
Michael KAMAL
Sean LAU
Reinnier PADILLA
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