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Phil White
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Ivor Wynne Centre, Room 208
905 525 9140 ext. 27014
My research interests lie in the Sociology of Sport and the Sociology of the Body. My work addresses a number of research questions although most of my recent work has focused on the body, sport and gender. I am currently exploring why intervening with how our bodies look has become so prevalent at this point in history.

Other recent research interests include:
Sport and social inequality
The social background of National Hockey League players.
Sport injury
NASCAR as a spectacle of consumption
Ideologies surrounding health and fitness.
Physical Cultural Studies; Gender; Social Inequality


Course Code
  Course Name
KINESIOL 3P03   Sports and Social Development
KINESIOL 4L03   Sociology of the Body
KINESIOL 4T03   Gender, Sport & Leisure


White, P. and Young, K. (Eds.), Sport and Gender in Canada (2nd Edition). Oxford University Press, 2007.

Selected Chapters & Journal Articles:

Ricciardelli, R., P. White (2011). “Modifying the Body: Canadian Men’s Perspectives on Appearance and Cosmetic Surgery.” Qualitative Reports, 16, 4.

Ricciardelli, R., Clow, C. and P. White (2010).Investigating Hegemonic Masculinity: Portrayals of Masculinity in Men's Lifestyle Magazines, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 63, 1-2, 64-78.

McTeer , W., White, P. (2010). "The Winston/NEXTEL Cup : The Triumph of the Spectacle". Intl J. of Sport Management and Marketing. 8. 1-2, 93-105.

White, P., Persad, S., Gee, C., (2007). "The Effect of Mid-Season Coach Turnover on Team Performance : The Case of the National Hockey League (1989-2003)". Intl J. of Sports Sci and Coaching, 2, pp. 143-152.

White, P., Young, K., (2007), "Gender, Sport and the Injury Process". pp. 259-278 in Sport and Gender in Canada (2nd Ed), Oxford University Press.

Parker, M., White, P., (2007), "S/He Plays Sport? Theorizing the Sport/Gender Process". pp. 4-31 in Sport and Gender in Canada (2nd Ed), Oxford University Press.

White, P., (2004). "The Costs of Injury from Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity : A Review of the Evidence", pp. 309-331, in Sporting Bodies, Damaged Selves : Sociological Studies of Sport-Related Injury, London : Elsevier Ltd.

Curtis, J., McTeer, W., White, P., (2003). Do High School Athletes Earn More Pay? Youth Sport Participation and Earnings as an Adult. Sociology of Sport Journal, 1, 60-76.

Degree University Year
PhD University of Waterloo 1987
MSc University of Waterloo 1980
BSc London University 1973
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