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Steve Bray
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Professor; Acting Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty of Science
Ivor Wynne Centre, Room 219
905 525 9140 ext. 26472
My research examines social-cognitive factors that influence and are influenced by participation in physical activity. Current interests include self-perceptions such as self-efficacy, perceived control, self-regulation, and self-determination. I also investigate people’s perceptions about influential others who interact with them (proxy agents) in their pursuit of behavioural objectives. Understanding relationships between these perceptions and behaviour involves laboratory and field-based research. Challenges faced by people navigating life transitions such as moving away from home to attend college or university, rehabilitating from illness, and becoming a parent are of particular interest.

Self-regulation of exercise; Self-efficacy and Self-control; Fatigue; Behaviour Change


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KINESIOL 4H03   P A Behaviour Change


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KIN 715   Foundations of Health & Exercise Psychology

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PhD Sheereen HARRIS
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