The Molecular Aging and Muscle Physiology lab Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion mission statement

The Molecular Exercise Physiology and Muscle Aging Lab values equity, diversity and inclusion within the field of muscle physiology and in our community at large. We are committed to recruiting and collaborating with individuals of diverse backgrounds, identities, experiences, and perspectives, and we aim to conduct research that accurately represents all members of our community, including those of equity-seeking groups. Importantly, we maintain the understanding that it is human nature to make mistakes, but it is part human responsibility to maintain accountability and correct our actions as we learn and grow.

We as a lab have created a list of domains that shape our lab and our research, in accordance with the “Ten simple rules for building an anti-racist lab” (PLOS Computational Biology) that include: Research (ethics, recruitment, conducting experiments and studies, publishing and collaboration), Social/Community Engagement (amplifying voices of scientists in our field), Teaching and Mentorship (equitable mentorship, highlighting student success), and Transparency and Accountability (leading discussions about EDI, anti-racism, addressing inequities in the field, and at all levels – student, fellow, PI). Our efforts are ongoing in addressing and creating action plans to improve in each of these areas, and thus we will revisit our principles and initiatives consistently and with engagement from all members

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