Integrative Neuromuscular Biology Laboratory Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion affirmation

The Integrative Neuromuscular Biology Lab (INBL) recognizes the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion within our research and the communities that we serve. We facilitate inclusive laboratory and social environments by valuing the perspectives of current, past, and future members of the INBL. As such, we strive to provide equitable opportunities to all prospective trainees, colleagues and collaborators, including those from equity-seeking groups. Furthermore, we aim to empower and lead the next generation of scientists with principles that dismantle barriers in science according to expert recommendations (Chaudhary and Berhe, 2020; Hofstra et al., 2020; Arif et al., 2021). Our ongoing efforts harmonize with existing initiatives at our institution (Guiding Principles for Best Practice)
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