FAQs for Graduate students


1.I would like to apply to your program. Where can I obtain the application?

Applications are on-line:   McMaster Application page

2.Where shall I send the supporting documentation for my application?

Graduate Studies, Department of Kinesiology, McMaster University, 1280 Main Street West, Ivor Wynne Centre 219C, Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1

3.Is there a deadline for graduate application?

January 31st is the annual deadline. Under special circumstances we will consider applications from students after the application deadline. Given that we have a limited number of resources (TA positions, entrance awards, etc) to allocate to incoming students, please bear in mind that prompt submission of applications will increase the likelihood of a successful application.

4.How do I get a faculty advisor?

Each applicant would be advised that they should seek a graduate faculty member who agrees to assume advisory responsibilities for the applicant. The best way to find an advisor is to contact the graduate faculty members directly via email . By opening a dialogue with a potential advisor the applicant and the potential advisor can find out more about one another and work towards a fit with the student’s desires and the faculty member’s research profile in mind. No applicant is offered admission until a faculty member agrees to supervise him or her.

5.What are the minimum admission requirements?

In accordance with School of Graduate Studies calendar, we require a minimum average of B plus (9/ 12 or ~79%) standing, or equivalent, in your previous studies. For those considering the MSc program, please note that we pay particular attention to your last two years of undergraduate marks and we are looking for an upward trend in your progress. If you are taking courses (as yet unmarked) at the time your application is being considered, it is evaluated based on the grades available. Conditional offers are made on the premise that you will maintain an appropriate average.

6.What is the statement of interest?

A one or two page summary describing the area of kinesiology in which you wish to study. Many students also include a brief summary of relevant employment experience and a resume. Since kinesiology connects to many other disciplines, the summary and any additional information you choose to send helps the selection committee to identify prospective graduate students for their various research groups. A statement of interest is not your resume, although you are welcome to include a resume with your supporting materials.

7.Will I receive financial aid?

Yes, students accepted to our program are guaranteed an annual salary. Our salary minima are: M.Sc. $14,500 and Ph.D. $19,500, effective September 1, 2011. External scholarships can supplement these base salary levels.

For further information regarding the external awards for outstanding students, please look through our grad handbook and at the websites for NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR. For information on internal awards, please visit the website for the    School of Graduate Studies.

8.What are your Department’s fields of research?

Graduate training offered by Kinesiology covers the following broad topics:

  1. Human Exercise Physiology
  2. Health and Exercise Psychology
  3. Exercise Rehabilitation
  4. Biomechanics
  5. Motor Control and Learning
Please consult the web pages of our faculty for specific details of research underway

9.How many applicants do you accept each year?

The number varies each year depending on how many first class applications we receive, which research areas are looking to expand, which research teams are already at full complement, how many of the current and prospective students have external funding, and the degree of research funding the various faculty members have been awarded.

10.How long is the M.Sc. program?

Expected completion for M.Sc. students is two years . M.Sc. students are guaranteed salary support for up to two years. There is a possibility to accelerate PhD within the first or second years of the program.

11.How long is the Ph.D. program?

Expected completion within four years . Ph.D. students are guaranteed salary support for up to four years.

12.English Language Proficiency Certification Information:

What is the TOEFL score requirement? MINIMUM scores of: 92 (Internet-based) 237 (Computer-based) 580 (Paper-based)

What are the University code and the Departmental code? The University Code is: 0936 and the Departmental Code is: 35.

What is the IELTS requirement? MINIMUM scores: 6.5 min score overall. Academic, not General 5.5 min. score in each section.

What is the MELAB requirement? MINIMUM score of 90

If you are not a native English speaker but have taken a 4 year degree taught in English, you may not need to take a language proficiency test. Please check with the graduate administrator.

13.Is GRE (Graduate Record Exam) required?

No, this is not required.

14.How can I determine the status of my application?

Please check the on-line application to see what documents have been received. The on line system is updated regularly.

15.My application is complete, what do I do now?

Your completed application is sent to our admissions committee who judge your eligibility to enter our program. If you are eligible, we will circulate your file to all graduate faculty members in the Department. If a faculty member is interested in meeting with you, that person will contact your directly and arrange to meet or speak with you directly. You will be notified by the Department if your application is not successful. This process takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months depending on the cohort of applicants and the number of faculty members actively seeking new students.

16.What are the current tuition fees for student?

The current academic year tuition fees for graduate students can be found at:   Fees for Graduate Students page

Last updated November 2016


1.Do graduate students have a say in issues of governance of the department?

The Kinesiology Faculty welcome input from graduate students in matters governing the Department. Kinesiology has a graduate student body organization. Graduate students in Kinesiology elect two of their members to attend the regular Departmental meetings, one member to serve on the Graduate Studies Committee, and one member is elected to the Department Curriculum Committee. As well, graduate students from all departments are involved at the University level in discussions concerning graduate studies.

2.Is there a comprehensive guidebook for graduate students in the department?

The Grad Student Handbook is posted on the Kinesiology web, under the Graduate Studies section. It is updated regularly to reflect changes in policy and improvements in procedures.

3.Where can I find guidelines for the preparation of theses?

The Guide for the Preparation of Theses is available for download in pdf format.

4.How do I know if I’m eligible for external or internal awards?

Although there are some exceptions, the usual minimum average for consideration in these competitions is A minus (a 10/12 on the McMaster University scale or ~80-84%). Depending on the time of year and how many courses you may have already taken in your studies at McMaster your average may change from competition to competition. Tri-Council awards are not available for international students. If you are unclear as to whether or not you qualify, please speak to the Graduate Administrator. Links to the major granting agencies are found here.

5.How and when do I get my financial assistance? What do I do if it doesn’t seem correct to me?

Your salary is paid by direct deposit to your bank account. Employment ( TA work) is paid out bi-weekly. Scholarship funds are dispersed once per term. You must submit a direct deposit form and a void cheque to Graduate Studies to make this happen. Please keep in mind that entrance scholarships (MSc 1) are paid out during first term, that TA/RA salary is paid out during the months that TA/RA is worked, and that annual incidental fees are assessed on the September payroll.

6.Where can I obtain the forms I need to have a committee meeting?

All the forms you will need are located in two places – forms specific to your department and program, such as those necessary for a committee meeting are located on the Kinesiology department website under Graduate program, Forms. The rest are available through the School of Graduate Studies website.

7.Where can I obtain the forms I need to change my status, become part time, apply for a leave of absence, …etc

All the forms you will need are located in two places – forms specific to your status, registration, absence from campus are all located on the School of Graduate Studies website. Other forms are available on the department website.

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