Departmental Seminars


There are 4 seminars scheduled during each of the fall and winter terms. All graduate students are expected to attend. Seminar structure is typically organized such that the first session of each term consists of short talks from faculty members within McMaster's Kinesiology community, and the last session of each term consists of short talks given by graduate students within our programs. For the 2015/16 academic year, Dr Martin GIBALA will coordinate the series. Attendance at and involvement in the departmental seminar series are necessary components of the graduate program.  Failure to maintain a 75% attendance rate has negative consequences in terms of travel funding eligibility and progress through program.

Seminars start at 1:30pm in IWC E201 unless otherwise noted.

September 17, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)

John CAIRNEY, McMaster University
Professor, Family Medicine, Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, and Kinesiology
"INCH by INCH: Research at the Infant & Child Health Lab at Mac"


 October 8, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)

Leah BENT, University of Guelph
Associate Professor, Human Health & Nutritional Sciences
"From Axons to Astronauts: Finding Balance in Our Skin"

Monday, November 9, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)


David JENKINS, University of Queensland
Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology
"A Comparison of Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise and Intermittent High Intensity Exercise on Cardiorepiratiry Fitness and Body Composition in Colorectal Cancer Survivors"

November 12, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)

Gregory WOHL, McMaster University
Associate Professor, Biomechanics; Mechanical Engineering
"Bone Adaptation to Mechanical Loading: The Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Medications Before and After Exercise Events"


SPECIAL SEMINAR Tuesday, November 19, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)


Andrew HALEY, World Champion Paralympic Swimmer & Motivational Speaker
Canadian Paralympic Committee
"Using Sport as a Vehicle for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Persons with a Physical Disability into the Community and onto the Playing Field"

* please note this takes place in the context of an undergraduate class.

December 10, 2015

IWC E201 (east wing)

David ALLISON, Senior PhD candidate, Applied Health Science - Kinesiology, Brock University
"The Inflammatory Etiology of Neural & Behavioural Disorders Following Spinal Cord Injury"



 January 14, 2016

IWC E201 (east wing)

Michael NOSEWORTHY, McMaster University
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Director, McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering
"Non-Invasive Imaging of Exercising Human Skeletal Muscle"

 February 11, 2016

IWC E201 (east wing)

Alexander Hutchinson, PhD (Physics)
Jockology Columnist, Globe & Mail
"It's All In Your Head: Brain Training, Neuroscience, & the Limits of Endurance" 

 March 10, 2016

IWC E201 (east wing)

Joe Kim, McMaster University
Associate Professor, Psychology, Neurosciences & Behaviour
"Applied Cognition in Education: Evidence-Based Classroom Practice"

April 14, 2016

IWC E201 (east wing)

Robert ROSS, Queen's University
Professor, Exercise Physiology, School of Kinesilogy & Health Studies
Lifestyle & Cardiometabolic Research Unit
"Exercise  & Cardiometabolic Risk:Towards Precision in Lifestyle-Based Medicine"

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