Program Requirements

B.Sc. Kin (Honours)

REQUIREMENTS for students who enter Kinesiology in September 2010 or later:
(Note: if there are discrepancies between the information given in the Undergraduate Calendar and the information below; use the Undergraduate Calendar.)


  • Completion of 120 units (including required courses) total [levels I to IV]
  • 30 units per year = full course load
  • No more than 48 units may be Level I


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Kinesiology Courses 15 units

1A03 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

1AA3 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

1C03 Exploring Physical Activity and Health

1E03 Motor Control and Learning

1F03 Human Nutrition and Health

  0-3 units

Math 1A03, 1LS3 (1LS3 recommended). It is recommended that students complete the math requirement in Level I.

12 - 15 units (12 if registered in math course)



Kinesiology Courses 18 units

2A03 Biomechanics

2C03 Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology

2CC3 Cardiorespiratory & Metabolic Exercise Physiology

2E03 Musculoskeletal Anatomy

2F03 Growth, Maturation and Physical Activity in Children and Youth

2G03 Health Psychology

3 units

Math 1A03, 1LS3  - if not completed in Level I

Stats 3 units

Stats 2B03 (or in Level III). It is recommended that students complete the stats requirement in Level II.

Electives 12 (if not registered in math or stats course)


Level III & IV Kinesiology Courses 36 units (max)  (including at least 9 units of Level IV).

3 units

Stats 2B03 - if not completed in Level II

Electives 24 units (if stats requirement completed in Level II)

B.Sc. Kinesiology students must complete at least 6 units of electives selected from the Fac. of Science.

These units may be completed in any Level

Kinesiology courses may not be used toward the elective component of the degree.

Contact Kinesiology

The Department of Kinesiology is located in the Ivor Wynne Centre (IWC) and IWC East Building, on the northeast side of the university's central campus.
Department of Kinesiology
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