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Admission Requirements

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The Department of Kinesiology offers a direct-entry Honours B.Sc. (Kinesiology) degree through a program that is well-known for its quality, innovation and integrative approach to the study of kinesiology.

Over the course of 4 years, students receive a broad-based curriculum composed of a mix of basic and applied science courses related to the study of human movement.

Our limited enrolment program offers an exceptional learning environment encompassing classroom, laboratory and fieldwork placement experiences. Graduates of Kinesiology at McMaster University are well prepared for a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from direct entry employment as kinesiologists to further training in graduate, medical or professional schools. Our curriculum meets the core competency requirements for the new College of Kinesiology in the province of Ontario.

  • Ontario Students:

    •   Completion of O.S.S.D.
    •   Six Grade 12 U/M courses, including:
      •   ENG4U English
      •   SBI4U Biology
      •   MCV4U Calculus and Vectors
    •   Anticipated Admission Average: 87% - 90%
    •   Refer to   Ontario Secondary School Admission Overview available from the Registrar's Office for more details
  • Non-Ontario Students:

    If you are NOT an Ontario High School Student...

    Details on admission requirements for college graduates, and students applying from out-of-province, the United States and other countries can be found on the   Registrar's Office Admission Website

      PLEASE NOTE: If you hold a university degree, you are not eligible to apply to the Kinesiology program.

  • Transfer Students:

    Transfer/Application to Kinesiology I

    In-course McMaster students seeking transfer or admission to Honours Kinesiology I for the following Fall/Winter session must submit an Application for Admission through MOSAIC by the stated deadline (normally early April). The application allows students to rank four program choices. Additionally, transfer students must submit the mandatory Supplemental Application to the Department of Kinesiology by the stated deadline. Students will be notified of their eligibility for transfer to Honours Kinesiology I on their grade reports in June. McMaster students interested in transferring may contact the Undergraduate Administrative Assistant (Kinesiology) or the Office of the Associate Dean of Science (Academic). Students transferring from another university should see the Admission Requirements and Application Procedures sections of the Undergraduate Calendar. A limited number of exceptionally qualified students are admitted each year. To be considered, applicants must have an average of at least 9.0 (B+) in a minimum of 24 units of university work, taken on a full-time basis, including an average of at least 6.0 in BIOLOGY 1A03 and 1M03. Given the number of required units and prerequisites of Kinesiology courses, transfer students may not be able to complete the requirements in three additional years of study.

      The supplementary application can submitted online by selecting the HTML icon or downloading the PDF file and submitting a hardcopy:

    Supplementary Application
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