McCall MacBain Postdocs in the News!

More of the McCall MacBain postdocs are in the news! Congratulations to our spectatular postdocs and the amazing research that they do here at McMaster University. From the impact of antidepressants on our aquatic ecosystems to the skilled trades to cancer reserach to hospital school admissions. These postdocs are breaking down barriers and sheding light on extremely important topics. Check out these informative and thoughtful peices below:

Dr. Andrew Thompson: A fishy problem: How antidepressants may impact the health of our aquatic ecosystems (the Conversation Canada)

Dr. Abede Mack: We need more kids interested in the skilled trades (The Hamilton Spectator)

Dr. Afshin Abrashamkar: Less uncomfortable cancer treatments are on the horizon (The Hamilton Spectator)

Dr. Thuy Anh Ngo: Nurturing a child's doctoring dreams (The Hamilton Spectator)

Experience the McCall MacBain difference first hand in the INSPIRE 3MP3 course this May

Join the McCall MacBain postdocs (both past and present) as they delve into their respective fields of research to answer the Big Questions in Academia. From the world of science, medicine, engineering, biotechnology and beyond, see how great minds approach research and gain insightful answers. INSPIRE 3MP3 will be offered this May through - register today through MOSIAC.


Appetizers for the Mind (February 15th 2023 - Register NOW! (2)

Join us for an evening that is sure to excite your academic hunger. The Appetizers for the Mind event, is hosted by McMaseter's Alumni Affairs in collaboration with the McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows Teaching and Leadership Program. Featuring 5 McCall MacBain postdocts with diverse academic interests, this event will certainly satisfy any academic appetite! The evening's discussion will include everything from: aquatic ecosystems, defoliation, chemicals in our environment, cancer treatments, disability and life long learning (just to name a few!) 

Date: February 15th, 2023

Time: 7:00pm - (until your intellectual palate is satisfied!)

Platform: ZOOM

To register, click here -

Postdoc Feature: Dr. Gaoliang Fang

If you are considering the purchase of a hybrid or electric vehicle, Dr. Fang's Op-Ed article is a must for you!  With an overwhelming amount of things to consider, he simplifies and categorizes the types of vehicles on the market today. Whether you are a comuter, long distance traveler or just use your vehicle for short durations, Dr. Fang helps you decide which vehicle might better suit your needs. He investigates "What you need to know when purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle" in his recent Op-Ed publication with The Conversation Canada.


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