Applications are now open for the 2021-2022 Cohort

Applications for the McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows in Teaching and Leadership Program are open and are due on August 18 at 5pm! Applications are simple – submit your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like to be a part of the program. Apply here. We will be doing short, follow-up interviews on August 23 and 24th.

The McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows in Teaching and Leadership Program is a training program that started in Winter 2020. The program provides Postdoctoral Fellows with the opportunity to develop their teaching and leadership skills through workshops, readings, and experiential learning activities. This is an excellent opportunity to build your network of other like-minded researchers and gain vital teaching skills pertinent to getting a faculty position. The first two years of the program were open to only Faculty of Science Postdoctoral Fellows, but we have opened to program to Humanities, Engineering and Health Sciences starting in Fall 2021.

Participation in the program will occur on Thursdays from 10am-3pm every week in the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 terms. As of right now, participation will be fully online but may transition to in-person if we can safely do so. 

Participation involves attending Journal Club meetings on Education Cognition, workshops focused on evidence-based teaching strategies, workshops on developing leadership skills, as well as capstone projects where you will use your new leadership and education skills. The projects include writing an Op-Ed on your research (see past members published Op-Eds here).

Our postdoctoral fellows have already gone on to achieve incredible things; over 25% of our Postdoctoral Fellows have secured Faculty positions. 

Dennis Kolosov will be joining California State University as an Assistant Professor. 

"For postdocs who are thinking of taking the program – do it, take the plunge! It is an amazingly immersive experience, and I truly believe that my participation in this program can at least in part be credited with landing me interviews and finally a tenure-track job at California State University." – Dennis Kolosov

 Patrick Clancy is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University.

"I would strongly recommend the McCall MacBain program to any postdoc at McMaster who has an interest in teaching or educational research. It was a fantastic experience and a great introduction to the teaching and learning community here at Mac. I've started a new teaching-focused position in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and hope to be involved in the program again." – Patrick Clancy

 To participate in this program, we will need to gain approval from your supervisor. To incentivize your supervisor's participation, the Faculty of Science will reimburse your supervisor 20% of your Fall and Winter term stipend (to refund one day of work). We recommend that you talk with your supervisor before applying, but we will also ask permission once you have applied.

To learn more about the new program, we invite you to attend an informational event on Thursday, August 12, from 2-3pm at this link. The event's goal is to gather a group of interested postdoctoral fellows, discuss potential research ideas, and answer any questions about the program. 

For further information, email Connie Imbault (; Program Manager and Research Coordinator of the program)

We hope to see you there!

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