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McCall MacBain Postdoctoral Fellows Teaching and Leadership Program

Applications are due August 18 at 5pm

This program supports the development of leadership and educational skills of Postdoctoral Fellows. We train Postdoctoral Fellows with evidence-based teaching methods to create better teachers, and in turn, better students.

The program consists of 3 training opportunities:

  • Bi-weekly Workshops aimed to teach essential teaching and leaderships skills
  • Bi-weekly Journal Club readings designed to supplement workshops with core papers in education cognition research
  • Monthly Invited speakers presenting on cutting-edge education research

And 4 outcomes:

  • An OpEd published in an online news source such as The Conversation
  • A partnership with a researcher on an educational research project
  • A short, TED-style talk, presented during our Appetizers for the Mind event in collaboration with the Alumni Office
  • The option to teach one module in the McCall MacBain INSPIRE course Perspectives in Science: Behind the Scenes

Sample Workshops

How and why you should write an Op/Ed (Wade Hemsworth)

This workshop will prepare Program Members for how to write an Op/Ed article on the topic of their choice. Writing an Op/Ed will help members fine-tune their communication skills by writing for a lay audience about a complex topic. Op/Eds can be published on the McCall-MacBain program website and submitted to other publication outlets (The Sil, The Spec, etc.)

How to prepare/design a presentation or lecture (Joe Kim)

In these two workshops, Joe will first describe how he plans out his lectures (before converting them to PowerPoint). He will then teach the program members how to design PowerPoint slides (including multimedia).

How to give a lecture that incorporates Education Cognition research (Faria Sana)

Faria will give some background about active learning and why it is so vital to use in the classroom, as well as practice active learning techniques in the workshop.

Email Connie Imbault (Program Manager and Research Coordinator) with any questions

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