Astronomy fellow looking for 10 billion-year-old secrets in cosmic history

Chelsea-cropped 980The Faculty welcomes Chelsea Sharon, Physics & Astronomy, as the inaugural William & Caroline Herschel Postdoctoral Fellow. She will spend the next two years here conducting research on galaxy evolution, looking back 10 billion years to learn more about why galaxies in the present day universe appear the way they do. Her research interests complement that of many researchers in the Department including Christine Wilson (CRC in Extragalactic Star Formation), Laura Parker, James Wadsley and Hugh Couchman. The Herschel fellowship was created through the William & Caroline Herschel Fund at McMaster, the result of a gift from Bill Harris, professor emeritus in the Department of Physics & Astronomy.



Faculty congratulated our newest Canada Research Chairs

The Faculty of Sciences congratulates our newest Canada Research Chairs: Paul Ayers, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, new Tier 1 CRC in Theoretical Chemistry; John Valliant, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, new Tier 1 CRC in Medical Isotopes and Molecular Imaging Probes; and Christine D. Wilson, Physics & Astronomy, new Tier 1 CRC in Extragalactic Star Formation. Read the Daily News article for more information on their outstanding research and McMaster’s other new CRCs. A list of all of the Faculty’s Canada Research Chairs can be found here.



Hawaiian volcano a location in the search for life on Mars

McMaster researchers, led by Greg Slater, Geography & Earth Sciences, visited the rugged terrain of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano to find important clues in the ongoing search for life on Mars. The McMaster team, working with colleagues from NASA and others, examined newly formed basaltic rocks from the active and relatively young volcano. By exploring the conditions that might point to signs of life there and beyond, they expect to uncover clues about how to look for life on Mars, which has similar basaltic rocks.




Congratulations to Paul Ayers, new member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

Paul Ayers, Chemistry & Chemical Biology, has been elected to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. One of three McMaster researchers honoured this year, he is the Faculty’s first member of the College. College members are researchers who have demonstrated a high level of achievement at an early stage in their career. Ayers’ work develops new methods for understanding chemical phenomena, with implications for a wide variety of industries including drug design, nuclear waste processing and more.




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