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Three Physics & Astronomy students Win Prizes at CCUWIP Conference

Congratulations to the three Physics & Astronomy students who won presentation awards at the Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWIP), held in January. They took home three of the four awards available.
  • Jessica Speedie won Best Talk for her presentation, "Telling giant planets from brown dwarfs: an observational test with SPIRou".
  • Sara Evans won Best Poster for her poster, "High-speed preparation of ultra-this uniform polymer fibres for advanced materials development".
  • Anastasia Smolina won the CAP CEWiP (Committee to Encourage Women in Physics) Best Poster Presentation for her poster: "Neurovascular dynamics of mild traumatic brain injury."
CCUWIP winners

Award winners (from left) to Sara Evans (best poster), Anastasia Smolina (best poster presentation) and Jessica Speedie (best talk).
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