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Cooking Up A Biology Lesson With Chef Rosa

Rosa breadmakingAssistant Professor Rosa da Silva with the Department of Biology welcomed more than 300 first-year students into her kitchen to learn the science of breadmaking.

Rosa's "get to know you" lecture was the best attended Welcome Week event organized by the McMaster Science Society. Rosa inspired a student to start a baking group on Instagram with other students who were watching the lecture.

"Teaching during the pandemic is showing us how we need to get creative in engaging students," says Rosa, who perfected her no-knead, artisanal bread recipe during the quarantine. "We have an opportunity at this time to connect with our students in really meaningful and impactful ways. The biology of breadmaking was a chance to get students excited about online learning. It's one small step - or bread loaf - at a time."

Along with earning rave reviews from students, Rosa received a Minister's Award of Excellence from Ontario Colleges and Universities. Nguyen Vo, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biology and sessional instructor with the School of Interdisciplinary Studies also received the provincial award which recognizes outstanding work by professors and instructors during COVID-19.

Dr. Nguyen Vo

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