All courses for every first-year Science student will be delivered online this fall. A limited number of students in their second, third and fourth years will return to campus for part of the semester.

Dean's Message for Graduating Students

Maureen More than 200 students will join the ranks of nearly 35,000 Faculty of Science alumni later this month.

The University is conferring 30 PhD, 74 Master's and 109 Bachelor's degrees on students graduating Nov. 19 from the Faculty of Science.

In a recorded message for the the virtual convocation ceremony, Dean Maureen MacDonald called on the graduating class to draw on their science education and to play a role in the great reset that will start once the pandemic ends.

Dean's Message to Graduating Students:

"On behalf of all of us in the Faculty in Science, congratulations on earning your degree. We couldn’t be more proud of all that you have accomplished. You’ve also completed a master class in resilience and adaptability thanks to the pandemic.

Now it’s been said that every ending is a new beginning. That’s true for you as a McMaster graduate. It’s also true for COVID-19.

The pandemic will end. And you will be there for the new beginning. In fact, we are counting on you to help reimagine and reinvent what’s next.

History’s shown that fundamental changes and reforms follow when pandemics end. There were sweeping social and economic transformations when the Spanish Flu ended in 1919. More countries around the world embraced the scientific method. National healthcare systems were introduced. Major advances were made in epidemiology. Significant investments were made in disease surveillance and public health.

Investments and advances are sure to follow when our current pandemic ends. And we will be counting on you to serve as a changemaker. To help build a better and brighter post-pandemic world. To address the systemic inequalities exposed by COVID-19. To be a champion and ally for greater equity, diversity and inclusion wherever you work and live. And to defend science and to promote scientific literacy.

You will help drive change and make history because of the knowledge, the skills and the competencies you acquired here at McMaster.

So here's to a successful ending and what is sure to be a brilliant new beginning. And thank you in advance for the part you will play in building a better and brighter world as a scientist, a changemaker and a proud graduate of McMaster University."

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