McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Faculty of Science Newsmakers

Image of a tweetKudos to Ed Reinhardt for having the most viewed Brighter World story of 2020. The story, which showcases Ed's research with an international team in the underwater caves of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula had been viewed nearly 360,000 times by the end of December.

Congratulations to Jianping Xu on receiving the Genome Publication Award. Jianping's paper Fungal species concepts in the genomics era was selected the the Genome editorial board as one of the 5 best papers published in the journal in 2020. Genome is an international journal for genetics and genomics.

Three more McCall MacBain Postodoctoral Fellows have been published in The Conversation Canada. Congratulations to Leanne Grieves ("Birds sniff out potential mates who are genetically different"), James Barnett ("Glass frogs, ghost shrimp and clearwing butterlies use transparency to evade predators") and Cayleih Robertson ("Baby mice 'shut down' to survive extreme cold on the highest mountain tops") are the latest to showcase their research in the online journalism site. Postdoctoral Fellows in the teaching and leadership program supported by the McCall MacBain Foundation submit guest columns to The Conversation Canada to further hone their science communication skills.

The International Journal of Exercise Science has published research by Martin Gibala and McMaster kinesiologists together with researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Their research, which was also featured in the New York Times and on Brighter World, shows the health benefits of brief and intense body-weight workouts at home - an important finding at a time when the pandemic has closed gyms and fitness centres.

The Heart and Circulatory Physiology Podcast invited Dean Maureen MacDonald to talk about her research into the impact of sleep disorders on cardiovascular health. Maureen, who was joined by Karyn Esser from the University of Florida, was interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Irving Zucker.

Bhagwati Gupta left and Avijit Mallick

Research by Associate Dean Bhagwati Gupta (left) and Avijit Mallick, a Ph.D. candidate in Bhagwati's lab, was published in the peer-reviewed Cell Press journal iScience. McMaster's Brighter World also showcased Bhagwati and Avijit's research into whether the axin protein could hold the key to a longer and healthier life.

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