Honours Human Behaviour (B.A.Sc.)

Attention Level I students!

The NEW undergraduate program in Human Behaviour -- the result of a partnership between McMaster University and Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, led by McMaster's Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) will provide opportunities for students from ALL Faculties to receive academic and hands on training in basic and applied areas of Psychology and Human Behaviour.

Graduates will be eligible to receive an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) degree in Human Behaviour. In addition, students in one of the two specialization streams within the program can   earn either an Ontario College Graduate Certificate (Autism & Behavioural Science) or an Ontario College Diploma (Early Childhood Education) from Mohawk College. Currently, it would take 5-6 years for students to complete an Honours PNB degree and a post-degree diploma/graduate certificate; however, this new program enables students to obtain an Honours Applied Science degree and a diploma/graduate certificate concurrently in only FOUR YEARS.

The new program, which starts in September of 2016, offers students an exciting opportunity to obtain the knowledge and practical skills to make important contributions to the social and economic needs of our community and greater society.  

NEW CAREER opportunities in medical, educational, and public service environments.

Honours Human Behaviour
Program Overview
The Hons B.A.Sc. (Generalist Stream) offers a combination of breadth and depth of education in human behaviour. Students completing this program will be well equipped to enter any work environment that requires understanding the determinants of human behaviour – the social influences on behaviour; the basic neuroscience underlying behaviour; the stages of language development; and the stages of early development and their impact on human behaviour.  The Generalist stream of the Hons B.A.Sc. program gives students substantial flexibility to customize their degree to focus on subspecialty areas of their choice.  Capstone experiences focus on science literacy and science communication to a broader audience. The Generalist stream is an excellent preparatory degree for a range of other applied certificate/diploma training, and in itself offers a more applied versus research-focused Honours degree than the Hons PNB degree.
Program specific details

Honours Human Behaviour (Autism & Behavioural Science Specialization)
Program Overview
The Autism & Behavioural Sciences (ABS) Specialist Program focuses on human behaviour with an emphasis on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the behaviour intervention application of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  ABA is used to teach individuals with autism to develop new skills, such as language or social play, through repeated practice, intensive teaching (Intensive Behavioural Intervention or IBI), and positive reinforcement. Students will complete two field placements in community settings. Completion of this program can lead to career opportunities such as Behaviour or ABA Therapists in community treatment agencies, hospital/clinical settings, private agencies or independent contractors, family homes, school boards.
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Honours Human Behaviour (Early Childhood Education Specialization)
Program Overview
The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Specialist Program focuses on human behaviour with an emphasis on the development of the whole child. Students will learn to apply collaborative skills to support young children and their families.  They will observe, practice and evaluate classroom theories through three field placements. Completion of this program can lead to career opportunities in early childhood education in full day kindergarten, child care and early learning agencies, parent-child drop-in programs and professional resource sites.
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Contact Department

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB)
Psychology Building (PC), Room 102
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton Ontario L8S 4K1