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Welcome to the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory website!

In our lab we study
how your brain works by using a special camera that can take pictures of your brain!

Below are some pictures of our special helper
Mr. Monkey with the brain camera that we use in our lab

He is so excited to have his pictures taken!

Right now we are looking for children who want to have pictures taken of their brain

If you are curious about what you brain looks like and how it works then
read what

Mr. Monkey has to say!

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What is it like to have pictures taken of your brain?

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Why would you want to participate?
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How do you sign up?
On the day of the scan
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When you get to St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, where we have our lab, you have to find a parking space. Luckily the parking for visitors is right beside our lab!

Follow the signs that show you to the

Once you get to the lab you will get to meet Mr. Monkey and the Research Team!
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Before you go into the brain camera you have to make sure that you have NO METAL on your clothes or body because metal can break the Brain Camera!
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  • This includes things like:
  • Metal Buttons
  • Zippers
  • Braces
  • Earrings
  • Try to wear clothes without metal on them, but if you forget its OK because we have some clothes that you can change into