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School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Resources (forms)

International students moving to Canada to Study at McMaster may find the following tips useful:

All students who are working at Teaching Assistants (TAs) must complete the TA Hours and Work Form at the beginning of the term of the TAship (typically in the fall term AND in the winter term).

Consult with the instructor of the course to complete the form and submit it to Nancy Riddell.

Progress reports are due each year on May 15th.  

Students should form their supervisory committees before the end of the fall term of their first year.  Students should aim to hold their first supervisory committee meeting in January or February of their first year.  The Plan of Study provides a structure to plan required courses, comprehensive exam, and modules, and should be approved by your committee and the graduate chair.  Please use the following guidelines and forms:

Comprehensive exams must be completed before the end of 24 months of study in the PhD program.

Once students have completed all course work, passed their comprehensive exams (in the case of PhD thesis),  and collected all their thesis data, with permission of their committee they may be awarded permission to write.

The Master’s defense is organized within the department and requires two forms which should be printed and brought to the defense:

Special Topics course codes are used for evaluation of research modules.  The faculty member with whom you work to complete the research module should submit this evaluation form to provide a grade:  



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