Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour (PNB) is the scientific study of the brain and behaviour. It is a science and a practice. As scientists, experimental psychologists conduct research to help understand why people think, feel, and behave the way they do. As clinicians, counsellors, or other practitioners, psychologists apply scientific understanding toward helping individuals, institutions, and society deal with issues relating to human behaviour and happiness. Whether you are interested in applied or scientific psychology, McMaster's undergraduate psychology, neuroscience & behaviour (PNB) program will give you a strong foundation for a career, or for further professional training.


Here is a list of our programs as listed on MOSAIC under Program/Plan Selection:
Faculty of Science
Science Honours
            Biology & PNB
            ISCI (PNB Concentration)
            Psych, Neurosci & Behaviour
            PNB (Music Cognition Spec)
            PNB (Mental Health Spec)
Science Hon Applied Science  
            Human Behvr (Autism & Behvr Sc Sp)
            Human Behvr (Early Childhd Sp)
            Human Behaviour
Faculty of Social Sciences
Social Sciences Honours Arts
            PNB (Music Cognition Spec)
            PNB (Mental Health Spec)
            Psychology-Neurosci & Behav
Social Sciences Bach Arts

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