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PNB Colloquium - David Filice - Causes and consequences of individual variation in reproductive behaviour



David Filice
McMaster University

Causes and consequences of individual variation in reproductive behaviour

Considerable phenotypic variation exists both within and across species. Within species, one source of this variation is phenotypic plasticity, the ability for an individual to alter its phenotype based on environmental influences. When it comes to sex, both males and females in many species exhibit striking variation in their reproductive behaviour as a result of plasticity. However, the causes and consequences of this variation are not well understood. Throughout my doctoral dissertation, I used the fruit fly as a model to explore how various social experiences such as fighting, competition, sexual harassment, and mating shape the subsequent reproductive behvaiour of males and females, and quantified the evolutionary consequences of this variation. The results of my studies have important implications for understanding the evolution of various behavioural strategies such as aggression and mate choice.

Host: Reuvan Dukas
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