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PNB Colloquium Series - J. Farley Norman - The visual and haptic perception of solid object shape



J. Farley Norman
Western Kentucky University

The visual and haptic perception of solidobject shape

We humans (and most animals) depend uponour senses of vision and touch in order to perceive and recognize solid objectshape.  Successfully perceiving objectshape is obviously essential for the completion of everyday activities.  Three experimental studies will be described;the results of these studies severely constrain the possibilities for howhumans computationally represent shape within their visual and hapticsystems.  Given that all humans age, andthat aging has significant effects upon brain and neuronal functioning, I willalso present results concerning the ability of 70 and 80 year-old adults tovisually and haptically perceive and discriminate 3-D shape.

J. Farley Norman is UniversityDistinguished Professor at Western Kentucky University.  He is author of 99 scientific articlesconcerning vision, haptics, kinesthesis, aesthetics, the effects of aging, andthe perception of emotion.  Dr. Normanobtained his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University and was trained as a scientist byJoseph Lappin (Associate Editor, Journal of Experimental Psychology: HumanPerception and Performance).  FarleyNorman later became a post-doc (6 years) for James T. Todd at both Brandeis andOhio State Universities.  Dr. Normanserved on the editorial board of Perception & Psychophysics for 6 years; hehas also served on the Perception, Action, and Cognition grant review panel forthe US National Science Foundation (NSF). Farley Norman is a fellow of both the Association for PsychologicalScience (APS) and the Psychonomic Society. His hobbies include astronomy, faceting & polishing gemstones,trees, cats, and science fiction.

Host: Daniel Goldreich
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