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PNB Colloquium Series - Evelyn Lambe - Investigating vulnerabilities in the cellular mechanisms of attention



Investigating vulnerabilities in the cellular mechanisms of attention

Evelyn K. Lambe, Ph.D.
Depts of Physiology, OBGYN, and Psychiatry; University of Toronto

Attention has been eloquently described as the ‘searchlight’ that focuses on relevant information in the midst of distraction in order to support goal-directed behaviour. Attention deficits are an early symptom in many brain disorders. The normal cognitive process of attention requires cholinergic modulation of the prefrontal cortex, but many unknowns remain about the underlying cellular mechanisms. At the behavioural level, nicotinic receptors that include the Chrna5 subunit are required for normal attentional performance under challenging conditions. The Lambe Lab uses optogenetic and electrophysiological tools to investigate the role of Chrna5 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in regulating prefrontal circuits in the healthy brain as well as in models of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Host: Deda Gillespie
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