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It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I welcome you to the School of Interdisciplinary Science (SIS) in the Faculty of Science at McMaster University.  The new School aims high, to be a national and international centre for interdisciplinary science education with a diverse culture. The School’s founding on January 1, 2016 is the realization of many hours of dedication and work on the part of many people at all levels of governance and service at McMaster University. 

McMaster University is a vibrant community where instructors challenge students to question their understanding of the world around them; researchers make theoretical and practical breakthroughs; staff find innovative ways to support our efforts; and students encourage everyone with whom they interact to view the world through new lenses. Despite these dynamic events and relationships, we don’t often have an opportunity to build something new on the scale of the School. 

The creation of the School of Interdisciplinary Science provides us with a unique opportunity to honour McMaster’s reputation for excellence and innovation by fostering growth for all programs through collaboration, evaluation and cooperation.  Each of the three programs that will form the foundation of the school – Integrated Science, Life Sciences and Medical Radiation Sciences – has unique strengths to share.  We anticipate that the School will act as an incubator for effective ways to enhance student learning and help students reach their full potential, and for the making of connections at many levels, both within and beyond the McMaster community. We encourage people to engage with us in this remarkable opportunity to shape the School’s direction and future.

For students, the largest change you may see is the possible change of location of your program’s Academic Advising staff. Academic advisors for all four programs within the School will be located in General Sciences Building, Room 105. These are the new offices of the School. Courses will not change. The faculty members and staff with whom students have been working will continue to have a significant role in the School. More information is are available on our FAQ page. We are committed to keeping students and our community informed about the School as it takes shape and finding ways for students to participate in setting the direction for SIS.

Please contact me with your questions and suggestions.


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