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Research in the School of Interdisciplinary Science covers a diverse range of disciplines including but not limited to biology, biochemistry, mathematics & statistics, health sciences, life sciences, chemistry etc. Our three core programs provide avenues for both students and faculty to study the broad areas of interest with an interdisciplinary lens. The Honours Life Sciences program offers third and fourth-year Independent Study courses, from which research projects or theses are annually presented at the Interdisciplinary Research Symposium. The Honours Integrated Science program hosts a student-led research symposium, affectionately called Synthesis that invites second, third and fourth-year students to present their independent projects and/or theses. Finally, the Honours Medical Radiation Science program is widely known to be research-intensive, taking multi-disciplinary approaches that lead to new and innovative ideas.


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The Nematode Diversity Project - Dr. Dej & Dr. Gupta

The goal of the Nematode Diversity Project is to identify new species of nematodes and perhaps a sister species of C.elegans.  Students completing honours thesis projects employ a variety of techniques including fieldwork, microscopy, genetic crosses, behavioural analysis, DNA sequencing, and phylogenetic analysis.  We have had 6 to 8 undergraduate students every year for four years and each has isolated and studied a distinct strain. The accumulated data will be stored on a public database, you can read more about the project here.





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