Peer Mentoring Opportunities in SIS

Peer Mentorship is an important part of the School of Interdisciplinary Science and the experiences we provide to our students. We have several opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, for students to get involved and cultivate their mentorship skills. The School of Interdisciplinary Science offers the following peer mentorship courses, SCIENCE 2A03, LIFESCI 3XX3.

Upper year students mentor first or second-year students in both tutorial and laboratory settings.  These courses help students develop their skills in science communication, collaboration, and knowledge translation. These courses also explore the theory and practice of how mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees.

Mentorship courses can be great stepping stones for students interested in pursuing teaching assistantship positions to build experience and skills. Furthermore, students are given the opportunities to develop their own personal portfolios in these courses and reflect on their progression from student to mentor to a potential teaching assistant.



This course will engage students in considering the role of mentorship in their science education and developing their own mentoring skills. It explores the theory and practice of how mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees. Emphasis will be placed on facilitative leadership, reflective practice, and scientific discourse. Students will gain practical experience, as well as leadership and communication skills, which can be applied to the development of peer-mentoring relationships with science students transitioning to university.

This course is open to all students in the Faculty of Science who meet the course prerequisites. There is no separate application for this course.


This class develops the abilities of students to communicate science effectively in a variety of real-world contexts. Projects focus on speaking and writing, engaging in scientific discourse, developing evidence-based arguments, editing the work of others, and providing constructive feedback. Students in this course will be mentors for students in level 2.

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