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Vladimir Ljubicic
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Associate Professor; Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Neuromuscular Plasticity in Health and Disease
Ivor Wynne Centre, Room E207
905 525 9140 ext. 24517
Neuromuscular plasticity refers to the remodeling of the neuromuscular system in response to genetic or environmental cues. Neuromuscular disorders, including the neuromuscular alterations that are hallmarks of advanced aging, are more common in Canada then generally appreciated. The central experimental questions that form the foundation of our research program are: 1) What roles do phenotype-modifying proteins play in the maintenance and remodeling of the peripheral neuromuscular system, and 2) Are these molecules efficacious therapeutic targets for neuromuscular disorders? To address these questions, we design investigations around rational lifestyle- and pharmacological-based strategies focused on the manipulation of powerful phenotype-bending molecules in the neuromuscular system. Furthermore, we employ an integrative and rigorous cell-to-animal experimental approach, as well as an innovative combination of molecular physiological solutions. The long-term goal of our research is to expand fundamental understanding of the mechanisms governing neuromuscular plasticity, as well as to identify novel, evidence-based therapeutic strategies to improve the lives of those with compromised neuromuscular systems.

Neuromuscular exercise biology; Duchenne muscular dystrophy; Spinal muscular atrophy; Myotonic dystrophy type 1; Sarcopenia of aging; AMP-activated protein kinase; Protein arginine methyltransferases


Course Code
  Course Name
KINESIOL 3Z03   Neuromuscular Plasticity in Health and Disease


Course Code
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KIN 728   Integrative Cell and Molecular Exercise Physiology

* indicates graduate students under my supervision, # indicates undergraduate students under my supervision, ^ indicates graduate students under my co-supervision.

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PostDoc Fellow University of Ottawa 2014
PhD York University 2009
MSc York University 2004
BA York University 2001
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MSc Hooriya Masood
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Aislin Osborne
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PhD Andrew Mikhail
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