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KINESIOL 1F03   Human Nutrition and Health
KINESIOL 3K03   Sports Injuries
KINESIOL 3V03   Sport Psychology

Locke, M. B., Toepp, S. L., Turco, C. V., Harasym, D. H., Rathbone, M. P., Noseworthy, M. D., & Nelson, A. J. (2020). Altered motor system function in post-concussion syndrome as assessed via transcranial magnetic stimulation. Clin Neurophysiol Pract.

Harasym, D., Turco, C. V., Nicolini, C., Toepp, S. L., Jenkins, E. M., Gibala, M. J., & Nelson, A. J. (2020). Fitness level influences white matter microstructure in postmenopausal women. Front Aging Neurosci.

Nicolini, C., Michalski, B., Toepp, S. L., Turco, C. V., D'Hoine, T., Harasym, D., Gibala, M. J., & Nelson, A. J. (2020). A single bout of high-intensity interval exercise increases corticospinal excitability, brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and uncarboxylated osteocalcin in sedentary, healthy males. Neuroscience, 437, 242-255

Nicolini, C., Toepp, S., Harasym, D., Michalski, B., Fahnestock, M., Gibala, M. J., & Nelson, A. J. (2019). No changes in corticospinal excitability, biochemical markers, and working memory after six weeks of high‐intensity interval training in sedentary males. Physiol Rep, 7(11), e14140

Toepp, S. L., Turco, C. V., Locke, M. B., Nicolini, C., Ravi, R., & Nelson, A. J. (2019). The impact of glucose on corticospinal and intracortical excitability. Brain Sci, 9(12), 339.

Shen, N. Y., Ng, S. Y., Toepp, S. L., & Ljubicic, V. (2018). Protein arginine methyltransferase expression and activity during myogenesis. Biosci Rep, 38(1), BSR20171533

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