Name Education Extension
Steven Bray Ph.D., Waterloo 26472
Michael Carter  Ph.D., Ottawa 20391
Jim Dowling Ph.D., Waterloo 23572
Martin Gibala Ph.D., Guelph 23591
Jennifer Heisz Ph.D., McMaster 21944
Audrey Hicks Ph.D., McMaster 24643
Krista Howarth Ph.D., McMaster 21868
Peter Keir Ph.D., Waterloo 23543
Vladimir Ljubicic Ph.D., York 24517
Jim Lyons Ph.D., Simon Fraser 27899
Krista Madsen M.Sc., Guelph 27946
Maureen MacDonald Ph.D., Waterloo 23580
Aimee Nelson Ph.D., Toronto 28053
Gianni Parise Ph.D., McMaster 27353
Stuart Phillips Ph.D., Waterloo 24465
Janet Pritchard Ph.D., McMaster 20029
Philip White Ph.D., Waterloo 27014

Contact Kinesiology

The Department of Kinesiology is located in the Ivor Wynne Centre (IWC) and IWC East Building, on the northeast side of the university's central campus.
Department of Kinesiology
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Ivor Wynne Centre
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1